Free XMPP server

jix.IM is a free, stable and secure XMPP server ​made with thought to be one of the best servers in the entire decentralized XMPP network.


All connections to the server are encrypted by using only secure protocols and encryption algorithms. The passwords are not stored in database, the SCRAM format is used.


The server uses only stable software, all services are monitored and informing the administrator about detected problems immediately.


The server does not log IP addresses and any other sensitive data. You can encrypt all conversations without any problems by using OTR or OMEMO.


Several times a day, an automatic backup of all data to the cloud is performed. The server is fully prepared in case of failure or other technical problems.


The server offers the latest innovations e.g. spam protection, MAM, HTTP File Upload. It has protected against DDoS attacks and has support for IPv6 protocol.


The server has transports of most popular networks. By logging in to one account, you can chat with friends who use other networks. The list of all available transports is here.