Free XMPP server

jix.IM it’s a free XMPP server, called as Jabber, which allows to communicate with others through instant messengers like Gajim, Pidgin, or even Conversations, which is available on smartphones. You are not forced to choose one single server, you can choose among hundreds of servers and decide for yourself which unique ID you want, who is a form similar to an email address. Long to narrate and explain everything, you can read about it in the Wiki or in a this FAQ. If you already know all this, you can register an account on the server by using this form.


All connections to the server are encrypted using only secure protocols and algorithms which are secured with a SSL certificate. Passwords in the database are permanently encrypted and secured.


The server always uses stable – previously tested software. It has monitoring that informs the administrator if any problem is detected.
Guarantee server uptime of 99.95% per annum!


Server offers e.g. spam protection, Message Archive Management (XEP-0313), Web Presence, support for WebSocket. Server is protected against DDoS attacks and has support for IPv6 protocol.


Several times a day an automatic backup of all data to few places is performed e.g. to reliable cloud server.
The server is prepared in the event of a failure or other technical problems.


Server has transports of most popular networks. In this way, by logging in to one account, you can chat with friends who use other networks. Full list of available transports is here.

Own server

There is a option to connect own domain to the XMPP server, the service is free and has no restrictions, you can choose your own configuration.
For more details, contact with the administrator.