I’m using AQQ and can’t login to account

The problem is with AQQ, which doesn’t support SSL certificates with public ECC keys.You must manually update OpenSSL libraries for the connection to work again.

  • Download the latest available version of OpenSSL libraries from this page. For 32-bit AQQ download openssl-1.0.2u-i386-win32.zip, for 64-bit openssl-1.0.2u-x64_86-win64.zip.
  • Extract the entire ZIP archive and turn off the AQQ.
  • Copy libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll files to the AQQ installation folder (usually it is “C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPortal\AQQ” or “C:\Program Files\MyPortal\AQQ”).
  • Turn on the AQQ again, if the problem persists, try uploading a different version of OpenSSL libraries.

Remember that the AQQ is no longer being developed and other problems may arise in the meantime for which there will be no solutions. It is best to consider changing the IM to one that is still developed and supported, e.g. Gajim.

I didn’t receive an email to activate my account
Check the Spam folder and all tabs in the other folders. If you can’t find this message, you can still access your account by resetting the password by using this page.
I just registered and receiving a password error when logging in
Your account hasn’t been activated yet, please confirm your private email address first.
I just registered and receiving a policy violation error when logging in
Too many failed authentication attempts (wrong login or password) can block your IP address, make sure you’ve verified your private email address and try again after 60 minutes or contact the server administrator to unblock your IP.
I can’t login to account
Make sure that the correct username and password are provided in the account settings. Try connecting again by manually entering the server address xmpp.jix.im and port 5222 or 443. Check that your instant messenger supports TLS 1.2 or newer.
I don’t remember the account password
To reset account password use this page and follow the instructions. If you haven’t set a private email address you will not able to reset your password yourself.
Is my account password stored securely?
Passwords are not stored in the database at all! The server uses the SCRAM format, more about this mechanism you can read here.
How to create a persistent chat room?
Persistent chat rooms can create only an MUC administrator. Send a request directly by XMPP to im@beherit.pl. Remember that your room can’t be empty, because only popular rooms can get persistent state.
I’ll be away for a few days, what will happen to the messages sent to me?

All messages received during our absence are stored on the server until you login to your account again. The only limit is the number of such offline messages, which is currently 1000. In addition, messages older than 30 days are automatically deleted*.

* – Restriction disabled until further notice

Are there any restrictions for the Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)?

Server currently has no limit to the number of archived messages, the only limitation is storing messages that are not older than 180 days. Functionality is disabled by default, you must use compatible instant messenger to turn it on.

Are there any server restrictions?
The server has some limitations, but only in order to always works stably and every user has equal resources allocated. Below is the current list of restrictions.
  • Ability to register JID with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 30 characters, consisting only of letters and additionally numbers, and having only three non-consecutive special characters: period, comma and underscore.
  • Storing maximum 1000 offline messages up to 90 days.
  • Storing an unlimited number of MAM (XEP-0313) messages up to 180 days.
  • Store up to 200 MB of transferred files (XEP-0363) up to 31 days
  • Maximum 5 active simultaneous sessions.
  • Proxy speed limited to 10 Mb/s and maximum 10 simultaneous connections.
  • One hour IP ban after 5 failed login attempts.
  • Checking the connection activity every 5 minutes, no response results in disconnecting from a server.
I have problem with the FB transport
Make sure that you have entered a special generated password for the apps in the login data – you can generate it here. If you still have problems, please contact the server administrator.