Are there any server restrictions?

The server has some limitations, but only in order to always works stably and every user has equal resources allocated. Below is the current list of restrictions.

  • Time limit for account registration from a given IP address*.
  • Ability to register JID with minimum 3 characters, consist entirely of letters (Polish characters permitted), numbers and has only the following three special characters _ . .
  • Storing maximum 1000 offline messages up to 31 days*.
  • Storing an unlimited number of MAM (XEP-0313) messages up to 31 days*.
  • Store up to 200 MB of transferred files (XEP-0363) up to 31 days
  • Maximum 5 active simultaneous sessions.
  • Proxy speed limited to 10 Mb/s and maximum 10 simultaneous connections.
  • One hour IP ban after 5 failed login attempts.
  • Checking the connection activity every 5 minutes, no response results in disconnecting from a server.

* – Restriction disabled until further notice